Improve Confidence by learning Tang Soo Do at Fleming Island Martial Arts

Confidence Most know that Martial Arts teaches perseverance. But what do you think will happen if you don’t quit when faced with a difficult problem?

The answer? CONFIDENCE.

Confidence is the result of having a plan and using perseverance to get to your goal.

Learning is one of the objectives of confidence. When you know your assignment or you reach your goal or you get an award, it will increase your confidence. Confidence should be a comfortable feeling. Make sure that you do not confuse confidence with ambition. Sure it is ok to believe in your abilities, but would it not be better if you were recognized for your accomplishments. Many of you have a stripe on your belt. Those are given to you to build your confidence.

Our style teaches Um and Yang, or hard and soft. Another way to look at that is easy and difficult. When we start on any project, it should be easy. When part of the project is done, we should feel confident that we can finish, but then the work becomes more difficult. That is the time that you should look back and remember what you have accomplished and feel pride. Now you have the courage to complete the project.

What have you done this week to increase your confidence? How about trying something new? Maybe trying an introductory karate class with us at Fleming Island Martial Art... where black belts and leaders are developed!

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